DreamCraft3D: Hierarchical 3D Generation with Bootstrapped Diffusion Prior

ICLR 2024
Jingxiang Sun 1,   Bo Zhang 3,   Ruizhi Shao 1,   Lizhen Wang 1,   Wen Liu 2,   Zhenda Xie 2,   Yebin Liu 1

1 Tsinghua University


2 DeepSeek AI


3 Independent Researcher

Results Gallery (1 - 8 / 40)

a DSLR photo of a corgi wearing a beret and holding a baguette, standing up on two hind legs

3d render of a statue of an astronaut

Cute asuka anime figure, 3d render, full body, with a black handbag

A blue jay standing on a large basket of rainbow macarons

A DSLR photo of a delicious chocolate brownie dessert with ice cream on the side

Super Saiyan Goku unleashes a massive energy wave while standing on top

SpiderMan, upper-body portrait

humoristic san goku body mixed with wild boar head running, amazing high tech fitness room digital illustration

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